Monday, October 11, 2010

Katie and her pumpkins

Hi everyone!
I wanted to share my katie bug with the pumpkins I taught her to make with a roll of toilet tissue, some batting, a paper lunch sack and a flat quarter of fabric all tucked in with no sewing involved. (One of the gals at pcCrafter shared the idea I am sorry I forgot who or I would thank them right here and now).
Isn't she a doll and getting so good at crafting with her grammy!
Hugs Cinny


CM2 said...

Hi Cinny
Katie is becoming quite the little crafter! Lucky you to have someone waiting in the wings to learn from her "G-mie"! :-) CM2

angelspirit said...

Your little CinnyMini Katie is adorable. It is so awesome that she loves to craft with her is something special that she will remember forever. My grandma did crafts with spools & yarn & felt with me when I was little & I treasure that time that I spent with her.