Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photo Challenge

Hi ladies
Wow did I ever get hit by all of you with this photo challenge that is going around. So many have hit me that there is no way I know enough peeps to send 6 for each one.
Check your email for those I am forwarding it to but in the mean time, I have checked my other hard drive and decided to do a different pic this time than I did on the MB at PcCrafter. This is my grand daughter "Princess" Katie in her princess chair she got for Christmas. Look at that smile! Think is was a hit for her this year. Enjoy! Cinny

Another award received this time from CraftyMug

I am sorry I have been so busy this week and am just now getting to this.
Check your emails for the happy crafters I am passing this on to.
Much love and hugs, and a big thank you to CraftyMug. Cinny

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Altoid Box

Hi Ladies
I made this Altoid gift box today. Here is the template if you want to try one.
Hugs Cinny